What is a real friend?

Everyone who asks me this I always think of the show "That’s So Raven." There is an episode where Raven wants one of her crush’s to ask her to the school dance. She begins to drop hints, like talking about the dance that is coming up with her crush. The boy really does not show too much interest, he simply replies with “Eh, I’m not really much of a dancer.” Raven then replies with ” Yeah,me neither” failing to notice what she’s wearing. The boy then says ” But your shirt says ‘loves to dance.’ ” Raven looks down embarrassed, but thinks of a quick lie for the shirt. Raven points to Chelsea, her best friend and says she’s actually borrowing the shirt from her, ” Chelsea is a dancing fool!” Raven exclaims. Chelsea then gets up from her chair and says ” Yep, that’s me..a dancing fool.” then starts dancing ridiculously.

That is a friend. If your friend is looking like an idiot, make yourself look like a bigger idiot. She/he will thank you later.

I got inspired, sue me.

The first time I ever felt beautiful, and I mean incredibly beautiful is when you told me you loved me. The fact that someone other than my family cared about me in such a fashion as you was unlike any other feeling in this world. What made it even more beautiful was that I love you just the same. I was so captured by the feeling that someone adored me that I cried. You laughed, not because you thought I was being silly, but because you knew I felt the same way. We express our feelings differently. We do a lot of things differently, but in that moment we became the same person. Two people in a relationship became one.

It’s kind of a problem when you’re already excited for Disney World and you’re not going til July 2014
Walking Dead

Any theories about where Judith is or who is the psycho in the prison?


Queen always keeps her promises.

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